Troödos and the Akamas


At least one set of casual / non-walking clothes will be useful for wearing in hotels on this holiday.  Whilst walking you must not worry about how you look: comfort and protection against bad weather are of prime importance. Because mountain weather is so very variable, we recommend a number of thin layers rather than a few thick ones. The following list is our suggested guide to help you with your packing based upon our many years of travelling/walking. Using your own judgment for packing is of course important, especially with regard to casual clothing etc but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about packing for your holiday, or are uncertain as to the suitability of your clothing and equipment. Seasonal variations should also be taken into consideration when packing.



·          Passport - including appropriate visas

·          Photocopies of all documents (keep separate)

·          Airline tickets

·          Additional passport photos

·          Travel insurance details

·          Emergency contact numbers

·          Trip dossier

·          Credit cards/Traveller’s Cheques

·          Local Currency



·          Walking boots and spare laces

·          Trainers/approach shoes

·          Lightweight flip flops/sandals (to relax in post walk)

·          Walking Socks

·          T-shirts

·          Thermal Base layer

·          Trekking Trousers

·          Short trousers / shorts

·          Light fleece

·          Thick fleece

·          Waterproof jacket with hood

·          Waterproof trousers

·          Sun Hat

·          Swimwear



·          Daypack/rucksack (25-35 litre)

·          2 Large water bottles ( 1 litre each)

·          Towel – quick drying pack towel is recommended

·          Torch (and spare bulb and batteries)

·          Camera & accessories

·          Binoculars (optional)

·          A variety of dry bag/plastic bags

·          Sunglasses

·          Trekking poles (recommended)

·          Reading material (optional)

·          Washing/Shaving kit

·          Insect Repellent

·          Small personal First Aid kit

·          Anti-Bacterial Handwash

·          Water purifying tablets (iodine based are best)

·          Sun Cream & lip salve

·          Blister plasters – i.e. Compeed


The following items can also be useful:


·          Moisturising cream

·          Face wipes

·          Snacks/energy bars

·          Padlock for your kitbag

·          Small mirror

·          Spare glasses/contact lenses

·          Earplugs (against snorers!)

·          Cold water travel wash (preferably biodegradable)

·          Plastic zip lock bags


These items are also useful but don’t pack them in your hand luggage – put them in your main bag only!


·          Penknife/small scissors

·          Safety pins

·          Small sewing/repair kit

·          Nail clippers

·          Tupperware box and cutlery for picnics



Personal First Aid Kit

We recommend that you carry a small first aid kit for personal use. This could contain things like plasters, sterile dressings and bandages, a blister kit, pain killers e.g. paracetamol and ibuprofen, antiseptic cream, antihistamine cream (for insect bites), insect repellent, sun cream, anti-diarrhoea pills e.g. Imodium or Lomotil and rehydration salts e.g. dioralyte.

Please ensure you carry essential personal medication in your hand luggage rather than checked in bags.